Canmo Products

CanMo is an innovative instant fried rice introduced to the Sri Lankan market.This has been researched from year 2009, and launched in the year 2013. Currently the product is available in all Super markets. Shelf life of the product is one year and it contains Rice, Vegetables, meat item, sauce packet and chillie paste in seperate packs. The pack contains 256 gms of Rice and once the same is cooked it grows into 500 -600 g which is an ideal portion to be served to 2-3 persons. We responsibly state that MSG is not included in this product and it preserves all nutritional values.

How to prepare

CanMo can be consumed within 8-10 minutes. This is a fine alternative to instant Noodles and very easy to prepare either by cooking on the stove or Microwaving for 8-10 minutes by adding four and half cups of boiling water which is sufficient for two people.By adding five cups of boiling water the quntity of rice will further expaned and will ideally serve upto 2-3 people; note that with the increase of quantity of water, the cooking time will increase proportionately.At the first stage we expect to introduce Fried Rice with Prawns, Cuttle fish, Sea Food, Cheese and mushroom. The pack is comprised of mini packets of Sea food / Cheese/ sauce / chillie paste and dried mini veg pack which contains Carrots and Leeks.